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1. About Iris Gillon IGMC – Iris Gillon Music’n Celebrations

January 13, 2009


Iris Gillon: Founder & Director. Leading Event Consultant and Producer for New York Parties & Events.

An accomplished concert pianist with a Master’s Degree from the Juilliard School of music, and years of experience as a composer and producer of orchestral soundtracks for film, TV, concert performances and original music, Iris Gillon is The Leading Music Consultant and Producer for the NYC party industry.

Business Week on Iris Gillon…
Iris Gillon was featured in a full page article in this famous national publication as an expert in music production and new music technology.

Iris Gillon is a thoroughly modern musician.
A concert pianist and composer trained at the Julliard School…

…an innovator by nature,
Gillon entered the electronic age of music in 1981…

Iris Gillon is an authority in music production, music and computers, orchestral music in films, live music both at events and on stage, and especially in any form of live music in combination with the newest technology – as exhibited in a full page article in the 1989 Funk and Wagnals Science Yearbook Encyclopedia. She appears together in this 4 page story with Stevie Wonder, Robert Moog and The Juilliard School of Music